Quantum’s Day with Habitat for Humanity

Our firm volunteers for Habitat for Humanity

This past week, Quantum Real Estate Advisors (www.qreadvisors.com) partnered with Habitat for Humanity; to build a second home on the same street we volunteered on two years ago.

As the President of Quantum, I am constantly thinking about how to help support our organization, so that each team member feels they are part of something greater then themselves.  We all work hard for all of our clients.  With that, I thought a great team-building exercise would be to help those who are less fortunate as us.

The team went to the site Friday morning, June 24th 2016.  Watching the team measure, saw, hammer and build, reminded me that each of us plays a role and that we each add value in our own way to Quantum. Employees are the assets of every organization, and success is directly proportionate to the hard work every employee puts in every day.

In the end, our day on the construction site had two outcomes.  First and foremost, the tangible, we helped to build a home that I hope will provide shelter and support to a family that deserves it.  Intangible, we helped to communicate that our firm is not only active in the business world, but in the community at large.  As such, I am certain we are all better for taking a day to turn off our phones and shut down the computers to help make a difference.


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