Blau Journal: Quantum Real Estate Advisors, Inc. Finds Buyer To Close In Three Weeks For American Mattress In New Lenox, IL

American Mattress - New Lenox, IL

August 16, 2016— Quantum Real Estate Advisors, Inc. represented the buyer in a 1031 exchange for an expedited transaction. The 4,000 square foot single-tenant property is occupied by American Mattress. The property was purchased for $1,545,000. The Seller was a development company located in California. The buyer was a private real estate investor based in Chicago who closed the deal in three weeks. Chad Firsel, President of Quantum Real Estate Advisors, Inc. represented the buyer in this transaction.

Mr. Firsel had the following comments regarding the transaction, “The buyer was able to acquire a very attractive property that has a significant amount of land with this building.” He continues, “The Purchaser recognizes that not only has the tenant committed to occupy the space for a significant amount of time, they also realize that if they leave there is upside in the rental rate and/or a redevelopment of this building due to its strong location.”

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