Case Study

Aspen Dental

1790 Scenic Highway, Snellville, GA

  • Property Type: Retail
  • Size: 6,822 SF
  • Date Closed: 06/16/2017


• A very good, long-term client approached us with a 1031 need.
• He wanted great, long-term assets to put in the family portfolio.
• Long-term leases at or below market rent with strong residual value in the land


• Canvass the entire market, leveraging developer, broker and property owner relationships.
• Target strategic tenancies with strong credit and Amazon resistant businesses.
• Make sure to match the acquisition price with the required 1031 need.
• Match buyer with appropriate lender to finance the acquisition, making sure all required debt is replaced.


• Ultimately found the Portillo’s and Aspen Dental deal in strong retail corridors with strong residual value in the land.
• Found attractive debt at attractive leverage points to allow for cash-flow and non-recourse debt.
• The Buyer was able to defer his entire tax-bill, therefore protecting the gain from the sale of his other property.