Case Study

Hobby Lobby

520 E. Markey Pkwy., Belton, MO

  • Property Type: Retail
  • Size: 55,000 SF
  • Date Closed: 12/9/2019


• The property was previously on the market and the seller did not want to list it again
• Although the property was separately parceled from the center adjacent to it there was significant co-tenancy issues


• Quantum was able to utilize our database and national relationships to find a buyer who previously did not see the deal when it was on the market
• Quantum worked hand-in-hand with the buyer’s team to make sure we met deadlines to ensure smooth closings
• Quantum was able to manage both sides of the transaction while all parties worked toward an amicable solution on the co-tenancy issues


• Quantum was able close each deal within 30 days of an executed contract
• Quantum was able to achieve above market pricing for Hobby Lobby
• By understanding the nuances of this deal, Quantum was able to work with our client so he could benefit from negligible tax implications