Case Study

Walmart/Home Depot Portfolio

Cranberry, PA; Buffalo, NY (MSA); Charlotte, NC (MSA)

  • Property Type: Retail
  • Size: 525,000 SF
  • Date Closed: 08/30/2019


• Quantum’s client was looking to purchase strong-credit net-lease deals and diversify their value-add office/industrial portfolio
• The buyer had a very strict buying criteria that needed to be met in order to keep favorable debt terms
• Very limited inventory on the market and tenant performance was not reported
• The sale consisted of three different owners, which ultimately lead to negotiating three separate contracts


• Quantum was able to leverage their broker and principal relationships and track record to ultimately procure each deal
• Quantum worked hand-in-hand with the buyer’s team to make sure we met deadlines to ensure smooth closings
• Quantum was able to utilize our tenant relationships to find out unit performance for each location
• By understanding our client’s multiple ownership structures, tax implications, capital market needs and timing challenges, Quantum exclusively represented our client in these acquisitions


• Quantum was able close each deal within 45 days of an executed contract
• Quantum was able to utilize our database and national relationships to find our client deals that fit his specific acquisition criteria
• By understanding the nuances of this deal, Quantum was able to work with our client so he could benefit from negligible tax implications