Quantum Interviews a Retail Innovator

Quantum Real Estate Advisors, Inc. (“QREA”) (#Qreadvisors) is a commercial real estate investment sales firm.  “We focus on selling shopping centers and single-tenant net-lease properties.  However, I have always been fascinated with our country’s buying and consumption patterns.” Said Hope Firsel, Communications Director for QREA. Hope goes on to explain, “Retail and restaurant commercial properties all serve as a gathering place for society.  Our physical retail spaces have been developed through history to meet the needs of the modern consumer.”

In current times, we have seen a dramatic shift in the way consumers shop due to the internet, apps and delivery services. This paradigm shift is forcing brands to create an experience for their consumers, at their physical stores, in order to be successful.  They must create opportunities to connect with consumers in an innovative and memorable way that will entice them to engage and ultimately return.

One retail industry that is exploding is the fitness and wellness industry. Gyms, both large and small facilities, have become mainstream and are flooding prime retail space. Hope Firsel said “this is currently over a $3.7 trillion industry and that number is expected to increase dramatically in the future.” Coupled with the fitness craze is alternative fitness experiences such as climbing gyms, yoga facilities, specialized training facilities and many other off-shoots from the traditional fitness club.

Quantum Real Estate Advisors is highlighting Reach Yoga Studio, in Glencoe Illinois as the firms “Retail Innovator of the month”.  Reach, owned and operated by Laura Merlo, offers much more than just daily yoga classes. They have expanded their offering(s) and now sell athleisurewear, studio clothing, candles, yoga mats and even offers grab n’ go food and beverage items (The Bread and Buddah) for those busy yogi’s on the move.  Laura Merlo explains how and why she quickly transformed her small yoga studio into a lifestyle brand.

“I purchased the studio only eight months ago.  I have been teaching at the studio for years, I practice daily, and I live only a few blocks away.  When the previous owner approached me about purchasing the studio I knew instantly this was my chance to evolve the business into something much larger” Merlo explained. No stranger to the retail business, Laura grew up working in the industry and owned a successful clothing boutique in Chicago called Jade.

Laura has been designated as Quantum’s Retail Innovator of the month because of the unique and creative ways she is meeting the needs of her consumers.  She engages with her customers on a daily basis, asks for feedback and as a result she has cultivated relationships that are valuable and evident through her great success.

Congratulations to Laura Merlo! You are a shining example of retail innovation paired with a fantastic retail experience!

Reach Yoga 

688 Vernon Ave.

Glencoe IL 60022

Studio: 847.786.4211


IG @reachyogaglencoe

Facebook Reach Yoga

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