Thank you Quantum Team

During this holiday season, as President of Quantum Real Estate Advisors, I would personally like to stop and give my appreciation to the team I have the honor of working with each and every day.  It struck me that this month has been focused on showing gratitude to our clients, our partners, our vendors, and the list goes  on.

And, while I will continue to strive to take the time to personally wish everyone in our network a happy holiday and healthy new year, it seems more than appropriate to stop and give thanks to those who work endlessly with me to make Quantum the success that it is.

The group of individuals that I am privileged to work with each day, work relentlessly to serve our clients impeccably. They are focused, determined and ambitious.  They are not just my colleges, they are my dear friends.

Thank you to Dan for starting with me when Quantum was at its beginning stages, you have ridden this roller coaster with me as we continue to reach new potential. To Claire who is the ears, eyes and heartbeat for Quantum. To Kush who is so robust in his expertise that he is our analyst, drone video producer and ‘reminder man’ who is always there to help and be a team player. To Zack for being so exceptional as he is capturing the attention of not just our hometown of Chicago, but also neighboring markets, like Kansas City, Omaha, St. Louis and others. Zack, has transitions from analyst to broker seamlessly. To Jason, who is not only excelling in single-tenant sales but is also reaching out in new markets like the west coast of Florida, Indiana and Illinois. He closed deals within his first few weeks of being at Quantum.  Congratulations to a great year Jason, this is only the beginning! To Jack, our newest member, bringing new clients and opportunities to our firm in just the first few weeks. Jack is going to be focus on our clients and exclusive listings located in the Southeast. And to my partner in all aspects of my life, my wife Hope, who is using her deep expertise in organizational psychology to help us create a culture and a brand we believe in.

It is an honor to be part of such an awesome group of individuals. Having each of us together each day has propelled Quantum to become the national commercial investment brokerage firm we are today. We are very blessed by such a competent and fun group.  We know we are all extremely fortunate to be part of a team that supports and believes in each other.  Here at Quantum, as Aristotle said, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

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