QREA Tenant Spotlight: QSR Drive-Thrus

• There was an estimated 200,000+ drive-thru operations across the U.S. as of 2020.
• Americans visit drive-thru lanes about 6 billion times each year according to some statistics.
• 60% to 70% of most fast food sales come from drive-thru sales. Satisfying experience is key to maintain figures, especially during pandemic.
• Drive-thru sales represent 70% of fast food sales which generates billions of dollars for the industry each month.
• According to the NPD Group, 57% of hamburger fast food customers use the drive-thru lane, 40% with Mexican QSRs, and 38% of chicken fast food customers went straight to drive-thru lanes.
• 34% of customers eat on-site at QSR Mexican restaurants with drive-thru, while 26% prefer takeouts. Chicken chains have 25% dining in with 36% order to go.


QREA Tenant Spotlight: QSR Drive-Thru

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